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I’m Lauren holgate

I love the nanny profession. And I want others to love it as well.

Finding Your Perfect Match

At Holgate Nannies, it's all about the match, and it goes beyond qualifications on a CV. With over 15 years in the industry and personal experience as a nanny, I understand the profound impact a nanny has on your children's lives and home dynamics. I'm committed to finding candidates who are more than just qualified—they're a perfect fit for your unique family and are ready to bring warmth, flexibility, and a sense of calm to your bustling family life.

Selectivity and Diversity

As we operate in an industry that lacks regulation, at Holgate Nannies, we've set our own high standards that exceed basic agency requirements. Our candidates are meticulously vetted, focusing on honesty, transparency, efficiency, and exceptional communication skills, often in multiple languages that can enrich your children's cultural understanding. We take pride in our wide range of nannies from around the world, understanding that your ideal match could be from anywhere.

Having nannied for more than 15 years, I know what I am looking for.
I’m ambitious and I’m quite serious about wanting only the very best.
My name – literally – is at stake.”

Smooth Nanny Transitions

From a nanny to an agency owner, my personal journey shapes our unique approach to every family's needs. We understand each family's priorities are different, and we will include a complimentary video intake to discuss what's crucial for your search. With hands-on coaching, you can confidently welcome your new family member because being a nanny is a role that involves many responsibilities—it's a career built on trust.
For Families

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For Nannies

Do you love helping children and families grow? We're searching for nannies like you who are trustworthy and full of heart. Join us at Holgate Nannies, where you can make a real difference.
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Ella is also a nanny with a Montessori background. She began her career in childcare working as a managerial assistant at a bi-lingual Montessori daycare here in Amsterdam. From there, she became a full time nanny and has since become a member of the Holgate Nannies team. She has an advertising and marketing background, but most importantly, a love for children and a passion for creating quality and support in the childcare profession.