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I’m Lauren holgate

I love the nanny profession. And I want others to love it as well.

After 15+ years in the nanny industry, working at all levels and in pretty much every capacity, I’d developed deep insights into this profession and felt ready to begin my own agency. In 2019, Holgate Nannies opened its parlour doors. My mission is – quite simply – to raise the standard in the nanny profession. This means providing families with the most professional nanny services possible, while providing talented nannies with ongoing support and development opportunities.

Children deserve the very best we can give. So why shouldn’t personal, resourceful and caring always be the standard?

[Lauren has a diploma in Early Years Development and qualifications in Holistic Sleep Training for babies and toddlers. She is also active in the global nanny network; in 2021 she was on the selection panel for the INA Nanny of the Year.]

Having nannied for more than 15 years, I know what I am looking for.
I’m ambitious and I’m quite serious about wanting only the very best.
My name – literally – is at stake.”



Ella is also a nanny with a Montessori background. She began her career in childcare working as a managerial assistant at a bi-lingual Montessori daycare here in Amsterdam. From there, she became a full time nanny and has since become a member of the Holgate Nannies team. She has an advertising and marketing background, but most importantly, a love for children and a passion for creating quality and support in the childcare profession.
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