Calendar of Events

As part of our ongoing support for all of our nannies, we regularly identify events that we believe can help you with your network and your professional development.

Nanny Con

NannyCON is an International CPD Childcare and Wellness Conference with a difference focusing on high quality Childcare Professional Development, Self-Care, Wellness and Fun for Nannies and Childcare Professionals.

INA Conference

Prepare to “grow and bloom". You will have the chance to dive into interactive workshops, connect with other professionals and have a little fun too! Get ready to be inspired, empowered, and energized!

National Nanny Recognition Week

NNRW was created by a group of dedicated industry leaders and nannies, and now, 25 years later it continues to live strong in the hearts and minds of nannies across the country, and internationally.

The Great British Nanny Conference 2024

The Great British Nanny Conference provides high-quality training, support in addition to giving you the opportunity to network with our Sponsors, vendors and like-minded Nannies. We are the original CPD accredited Professional Nanny conference in the world!. You will have a minimum of 4 workshops to attend.