While “Nannies” is in our name, because your needs differ, we provide more than just nannies. Here is a guide to help you.

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Nannies & mannies
A nanny’s focus is the care of the children. A nanny is a long-term solution, providing an integrated extension of the parents’ morals and values. As a Holgate nanny, we expect that you are deeply invested in their children’s whole childhood and future, and provide real stability, bringing all your training and real caring to the job, every day. Often a nanny will undertake child related household duties and cooking their meals.
Maternity Nurses
Maternity nurses also known as a Newborn Care Specialist specialise in newborn care. They often work 24/6 or 24/5 supporting and guiding the parents and providing all care for the baby. A maternity nurse lives with the family and works with them for a few weeks or sometimes the first three - six months of the baby's life. Often the maternity nurse has worked extensively as a nanny before gaining maternity nursing qualifications.
When your priority is your children’s education, a governess might be your answer. With a teaching background, a governess will create a learning-friendly environment, ensuring children are safe, stimulated and cared for, as well as taking care of such practicalities as liaising with the school(s) and managing school drop-offs and pickups.
Household Manager & Family AssistanT
Think of an office assistant….if the work is your home. A family assistant will assist with childcare, take children to and from school/activities, organise trips and run errands like dry-cleaning.
A household manager does just that – manage your household. Main priorities involve managing meal prep, errands and all staff members, along with some light housekeeping and child care.

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Our Promise to you


We don’t believe in compromise. At least not on the essentials. At Holgate, “good” is not good enough. We take on only the very best nannies. To provide you with the very best. There really is an art to matching the right nanny to the right family. Of course, our nannies have high-level language skills and
3+ of experience, but they also have warmth, profound patience and common sense, as well as a deep appreciation for the importance of what they are doing.

How it works

1. We always begin with an in-depth discussion. If we are going to match you with the right nanny*, it’s important that we get to know your family and understand your needs.
2. We will then make a selection of what we think are suitable nannies and provide you with their portfolios. Based on your wishes, we’ll arrange interviews.
3. Trial days will be planned with you and the candidates, giving you an opportunity to get to know each other.
4. Once you have decided on a nanny, we will help you put together the job offer and provide a contract template and whatever other support you require to employ your chosen nanny.
5. Once the nanny’s employment has started, we are also available for post-placement support if that is desired.

* or any of our other household professionals



Our agency is based in Amsterdam, we place nannies across The Netherlands and Europe.

The discovery intake call needs to happen as soon as you start considering hiring. During the call we can discuss how long the search will take and when Holgate Nannies needs to commence the official search. The length of search will depend on the job requirements, candidates job searching at the time, job location, the family’s availability for interviews and trials. It can take between 3 - 12 weeks to find a full time nanny. For a part time nanny we often have a waiting list due to very limited availability, the search usually takes between 5 - 16 weeks.

Nannies registered with Holgate Nannies are not entitled to the government childcare allowance.

The length of search will depend on your job requirements, experience, qualifications, job location, availability for interviews and trials.

Our nannies must have an EU passport or work permit relevant to work in the Netherlands. There are also more specific requirements linked here.

Nanny salaries vary depending on experience, qualifications, duties, responsibilities, location and the job requirements. For a maternity nanny or Newborn Care Specialist the rate would be higher depending on their experience and qualifications.

Each country has different rules, but in NL nannies working more than three days per week for the same family must be employed by the family (No. of hours per day is not a factor). The employer will need to provide the following contractual agreements:​

  • Payment of nanny's taxes and insurances
  • Four weeks or more paid vacation
  • 8% holiday pay
  • Sick pay. 

In the Netherlands there are three options for nannies who work three days or less: 

  • Employed - The employer organises payment of the nannies taxes and insurances. 
  • Working under the Regeling Dienstverlening aan Huis
  • Autonomous entrepreneur (self employed).

​​Nannies working under Regeling Dienstverlening aan Huis can file taxes as autonomous non-entrepreneur. Autonomous non-entrepreneurs are required to insure themselves with UWV for WIA and WW. The Nanny is responsible and liable for paying the applicable (i.a., wage, income, etc) taxes, levies and withholdings over the salary. The family will need to organise a proof of work document for the nanny. ​​

The family will need to provide the following: ​

  • Four weeks or more paid vacation
  • 8% holiday pay
  • 70% sick pay for six weeks. 

Autonomous entrepreneurs (also referred to as self employed/freelancer) will be registered at the KVK. The nanny will invoice for payments. It depends on the nannies KVK registration and annual income whether they pay VAT. They usually work part time and adhoc for a variety of families. Self employed nannies are paid a higher hourly rate as they are not guaranteed paid holiday or sick pay. They set their own schedule and quite often have their own business in another field.

Holgate Nannies is an intermediary agency.  We do not hire nannies directly, but we will help with employment guidance and yes, if your placement is in NL we provide a template work agreement containing all the information required: holiday, sick pay, guaranteed working hours etc. This will need to be edited by the family and employee. If your placement is outside of the Netherlands we can refer you to the appropriate services.

Through Newborn and Beyond please email drnewbornandbeyond@gmail.com or through the Red Cross contact them through their website  https://shop.rodekruis.nl/ehb…an-babys-en-kinderen

If you’ve lived in the country for less than 3 months you will need a police check from the country you lived in previously. You will also need a police check from the Netherlands (or country you will be working in). Holgate Nannies can assist with police check applications.

Holgate Nannies continues to place nannies. We closely follow the guidelines of the GGD and RIVM. For more information about hiring a nanny during COVID-19 please get in touch.

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